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Garland Apostolic Memories

Click Here to watch a video of our beginnings.

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About Us

Our church was established proximately 40 years ago by Reverend Sister Zeda Robinson.  Sister Robinson Pastored this church until September 1, 2006 when because of failing health the Lord, Sister Robinson and I came to an agreement that I would begin to Pastor.  We have a marvalous church that is growing as the Lord directs.  We are a healing station for souls that have been injured.  We continue with our goal and that is souls.  This church is part of Gods Kingdom and we are working to continue the growth of His Kingdom.


    First Apostolic Church of Garland
    Pastor: Rev. Sandy Sears

    3040 Bonita Dr.
    Garland, Texas 75041
    Phone: 972-271-1542